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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Windows infrastructure for generating VisualStudio projects and solution(s)
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2006 01:03:08 GMT
Andrew Black wrote:
> The first observation is that %BUILDDIR%\bin might be a better place to 
> place the utilities than %BUILDDIR%\util.  The reason I feel this would 
> be a better location is so that it would mirror the file system 
> structure generated by the GNU makefiles.


> The second observation is that it might make sense to have a .utils or 
> .stdlib_utils project, similar to how there are a .stdlib_examples 
> project for the examples and a .stdlib_tests project for the tests. This 
> project likely wouldn't do anything when run, but it would provide a 
> convenient way to build all the utilities (and possibly the locales) in 
> one shot.

Also agreed (noting that the names should be stdcxx_xxx rather
than stdlib_xxx).

> The final observation is that the exec utility is written as a C 
> program, although one masquerading as a C++ program, and it has no 
> reliance on the C++ headers or the standard library.  I suspect removing 
> the dependencies from the project would be something of a hassle, but it 
> probably should be considered.

Yes, I would like that. The one dependency that we might want to
keep is on the generated config.h header since we might need to
make use of some of the config macros. (And as I mentioned
previously I'd still like to rename config.h so as to include
the the build type (and perhaps also the name of the compiler)
so we can have more than one configuration exist in the same

> With regards to the GNU makefile infrastructure, there actually are two 
> different ways to build locales inside the infrastructure.
> One way is by specifying a target similar to 'en_US.ISO-8859-1' or 
> 'sr_YU.ISO-8859-5@cyrillic'.  This will build the locale specified with 
> the localedef utility, placing the results in the nls subdirectory of 
> the build directory.

Correct. We should have an nls/ subdirectory on Windows as well
and have localedef build the locales there. Users will then be
able to take the nls/ directory and move it to their preferred
location for their locales.

> The second method is through the locale shell scripts (named like 
> '' or '').  These scripts 
> are generated by the GNU makefile infrastructure.  They are used to 
> check that the locales build correctly, producing output with a summary 
> section similar to that of the test suite.
> For end users, it would likely be more useful to have the former 
> ability, while developers would likely find the later to be of more use.

This is just for testing. These locales should be built in the
TMP (or TEMP) directory and deleted when the tests are done.


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