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From Andrew Black <>
Subject [patch] Widen column widths in exec utility
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 21:27:20 GMT

Attached is a small patch that changes the width of the NAME column in 
the output from the exec utility to 25 characters, and the width of the 
ASS(E)RTS column to 7 characters, altering the name in the process.

The main reason for this change was so that the full width of the locale 
names would be displayed when building locales using the exec utility.

--Andrew Black

2006-08-01 Andrew Black <>
	* runall.cpp (main): Widen NAME column to 25 characters, and rename 
ASSRTS column to ASSERTS, widening to 7 characters in the process
.	* runall.cpp (run_target): Alter format string used to print target 
name to match above.
	* output.cpp (check_test, check_compat_test): Alter format string used 
to print assertion counts to match above.

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