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From Andrew Black <>
Subject complex exec util targets [patch]
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 17:24:12 GMT
Greetings all.

Attached is a patch that should allow the exec utility to execute 
'complex' targets.  These targets are executable names with an 
associated set of parameters.  If a parameter to a target is %x, the 
options specified as the value of the -x command line switch are 
inserted at this position in the parameter string for the child process.

Like the testing commands patch I sent to the list earlier today, this 
patch is preparatory to implementing a self-test mode.

--Andrew Black

2006-07-31 Andrew Black <>
	* util.h (RW_REALLOC, guarded_realloc): Define helper macro and wrapper 
function for realloc
	* util.cpp (guarded_realloc): Implementation
	* cmdopt.h (split_child_opts): rename to split_opt_string, alter signature
	* cmdopt.cpp (split_child_opts): ditto, alter behavior removing 'empty' 
0 element from generated array
	* runall.cpp (merge_argv): Define static function to merge a target 
with an argument array
	* runall.cpp (run_target): Alter to use above
	* runall.cpp (main): alter use of split_child_opts/split_opt_string to 
reflect changes in cmdopt.cpp/h

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