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From "Nicole Willson" <>
Subject RE: problem in temp_buffer
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 17:24:07 GMT
I just noticed that it isn't ignored, but I still don't understand the
purpose.  If the check fails, it simply procedes to __rw_allocate.
Since the code I am tracking has sent in a block so large that the code
will not be able to address it all, I would think it would stop here.
Is __rw_allocate supposed to handle this?

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From: Nicole Willson [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 11:15 AM
To: Stdcxx
Subject: RE: problem in temp_buffer

I'm tracking down an issue with temp_buffer in stdlib/utilities.  I'm
confused by a piece of code in source/stdlib/tmpbuf.cpp:
if (nbytes <= _RWSTD_TMPBUF_SIZE) {
        if (1 == _RWSTD_THREAD_PREINCREMENT (__rw_buffer_busy, false)) {
            *pptr = buffer;
            // static buffer used, its usage counter stays non-zero
            return _RWSTD_TMPBUF_SIZE / size;
        // static buffer not used, decrement its usage counter
        _RWSTD_THREAD_PREDECREMENT (__rw_buffer_busy, false);
    _TRY {
        *pptr = __rw_allocate (nbytes, 0);
    _CATCH (...) {
        *pptr  = 0;
        nbytes = 0;
    return nbytes / size;

What is the purpose of the check against _RWSTD_TMPBUF_SIZE if it is

Nicole Willson

Consulting Engineer

Rogue Wave Software, Inc.

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