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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Exec util bugfix [patch]
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 15:03:21 GMT
Greetings all.

Attached is a patch that cleans up some of the internal logic of the 
exec utility.  The main purpose is to remove the dependency on the diff 
utility and make the error handling more consistent.

--Andrew Black

2006-07-28  Andrew Black <>
	* cmdopt.h (target_name): Declared global variable indicating current 
	* cmdopt.cpp (eval_options): Route unknown option message to stderr 
rather than stdout
	* cmdopt.cpp (split_child_opts): Cache output of a strlen() call
	* util.h (warn): Declared
	* util.cpp (warn): Add utility function for generating a (non-fatal) 
error message.
	* util.cpp (terminate): Add executable and target name to output.
	* output.h (parse_output): Alter prototype
	* exec.h (exec_file): Ditto
	* output.cpp (FILE_TEST, check_example): Alter check_example to remove 
reliance on the diff utility, remove FILE_TEST as unneeded.
	* output.cpp (check_test, check_compat_test, parse_output): Move 
opening of output file to parse_output.
	* exec.cpp (wait_for_child, exec_file): use warn() utility
	* runall.cpp (check_target_ok): Ditto
	* runall.cpp (process_results): Alter signature, alter call to parse_output
	* runall.cpp (run_target): set/use target_name global, alter calls to 
exec_file and process_results

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