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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: replacement
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 17:05:34 GMT
Greetings Martin

Attached is a patch that tries to address the formatting issues 
remaining.  I'm still not certain I've caught everything, but it's a 
starting point.

--Andrew Black

2006-07-25  Andrew Black <>
	* cmdopt.cpp: Formatting cleanup.
	* exec.cpp: Same.
	* output.cpp: Same.
	* runall.cpp: Same.
	* util.cpp: Same.

Martin Sebor wrote:
> Andrew Black wrote:
>> Revised patch attached.
>> One change that I made while working on the self-test logic was to 
>> split the output parsing logic into parse_output.cpp/h.  I suspect 
>> you'll have a better name for the file.  That was bundled into this 
>> patch as I didn't take the time to back those changes out.
> Okay, I made a number of changes and committed everything here:
> One important change was removing the non-portable "-q" option
> from the invocation of diff (it was causing problems on Solaris).
> I would still like to see a patch addressing the formatting issues
> I pointed out initially (, preferably
> before any other changes to the utility.
> Thanks!
> Martin

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