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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: replacement
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 23:19:40 GMT
Revised patch attached.

One change that I made while working on the self-test logic was to split 
the output parsing logic into parse_output.cpp/h.  I suspect you'll have 
a better name for the file.  That was bundled into this patch as I 
didn't take the time to back those changes out.

--Andrew Black

Martin Sebor wrote:
> Andrew Black wrote:
>> Greetings all
>> Attached is a slightly modified version of the patch from yesterday.
>> Changes from the previous version:
>>     - Compatibility layer support (via --compat/--nocompat switches)
>>     - Handle failure to fork()
>> I suspect that some changes may be required before submission, but I 
>> also consider this to be in a mostly usable state.
> [...]
> Very good! We do need to make a few changes. One is making sure it's
> (also) valid C++ (since it's now being compiled with C++ compilers).
> I suspect gcc might let it slide but sigaction() is a C interface
> that takes a C (i.e., extern "C") function, so handle_alrm() needs
> to be decorated with extern "C" in C++ (i.e., when __cplusplus is
> #defined).
> The other change I'd like to make is to the names of some of the
> files :) Here's what I'm thinking:
>   watchdog.{cpp,h}   --> exec.{cpp,h}
>   parse_opts.{cpp,h} --> cmdopt.{cpp,h}
>   util.{cpp,h}       --> ???
> I'm not too fond of files named util etc. because they end up being
> collections of all kinds of odds and ends that don't seem to fit
> anywhere else, and make a convenient excuse not thinking about the
> logical organization of a program.
> We have two functions in util.cpp: terminate() (which should be
> renamed to something that better expresses the purpose of the
> function -- i.e., to issue a diagnostic *and* then [maybe] exit),
> and rw_basename(), the replacement for the UNIX basename().
> rw_basename() is only called from runall.c, so it might as well
> be defined (static) there.
> terminate() could go in its own file, say diag.{cpp,h}, after
> being renamed to something like issue_diag(). The whole program
> should use issue_diag() for all types of diagnostic messages,
> i.e, for both errors and warnings (with the distinction being
> that the latter don't cause the program to exit with a non-zero
> status but allow it to continue).
> There are other tweaks that I'd like to make to the code but those
> can be made after the commit. The file name changes should be made
> prior to it.
> Could you make the naming changes and resubmit the patch? Also,
> in your ChangeLog, please avoid using wildcards instead of file
> names and instead spell out the name of each file in full.
> Thanks!
> Martin

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