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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Steps twords graduations
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 20:20:36 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> I'm very satisfied with the overall progress of stdcxx, but see two
> obstacles to graduation;

Thanks for your feedback, Bill!

>  * the bug tracking system is being well utilized to discuss patches,
>    but the dev list is still a bit quiet on the design-decision front.
>    It's important that decisions are open and not made in the conference
>    room amoung a closed circle of individuals.

We have been using the -dev list exclusively (i.e., there are no
closed meetings). I suspect the reason why you haven't seen more
design discussions on the list is because we have been spending
all our time on migrating and enhancing the test suite and not
really designing or implementing any major new library features.
I am hoping this'll change soon :)

>  * the diversity remains an issue.  Here again, having multiple groups of
>    users who submit patches, become committers will go a long way in 
> solving
>    this issue as well.

Yes, we're acutely aware of it. In my opinion a mature, low-level
project such as an implementation of the C++ Standard Library is
much less likely to attract the same crowd of contributors than
a new exciting project such as Tuscany. Note that all the other
implementations of the library, both Open Source and commercial,
are being maintained by no more than a handful of people at most).
That being said, I and the rest of the stdcxx community are trying
hard to attract new contributors and will continue to work on it.
I think it's a realistic goal to shoot for 4 active independent
committers (suggestions for how we might be able to increase
our chances of finding them are always welcome :) I'm not sure
what a realistic and acceptable time frame to get to that goal

> Although open source is ready when it's ready, I'd really like to look 
> ahead
> to the end of September to attempt to graduate stdcxx.  I know the current
> PMC understands the ASF concept, meritocracy etc, and is doing a noble job
> maintaining the codebase.  Let's all watch these two areas so that we can
> retitle this effort as the Apache stdcxx Library [graduated].

It remains our number of one objective.

FWIW, in the next release of SourcePro Rogue Wave is planning to
switch from releasing the Rogue Wave C++ Standard Library (which
is already mostly in sync with Apache stdcxx [incubating]) to
shipping Apache stdcxx. We're hoping that the switch will provide
even more of an incentive for our existing customers to participate
in the project. The preliminary time-frame for the next SourcePro
release is end of 2006 or early 2007.

Thanks again.

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