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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject 23.list.iterators test with environment
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 15:06:43 GMT

   This test (based on 21.string.iterators test) exercises the following 
list class methods: begin, end, rbegin, rend, front, back, get_allocator.

There are several notes:

   1. 23.list.* is based on 21.strings.* and adapted for the list. But 
it looks similar to strings, so I suugest to move the common code to 
separate files and reuse it in the containres and strings tests.

   2. Two types are used as list elements: POD (char) and NonPOD (struct 
X from alg_test.h). But for testing the char and X by the same way it is 
needed to adapt the functions from rw_char.h to the type X (rw_expand, 
rw_match, ...). I created the temporary functions rw_expand, rw_match 
for the type X (defined in 23.list.*). But the rw_match analogue for the 
type X is not completely conform to other rw_match'es - it cannot work 
with strings which contain "@" and requires expand. Are we needed in 
such strings in the container's tests?.
Also maybe it will be useful to add the method X::to_char () (like 
UserChar::to_char ()). Currently the test uses the static function 
to_char defined in 23.list.h.

   3. ListTestCase was expanded from the StringTestCase structure by 
adding additional members (functors Predicate, BinaryPredicate, Compare) 
for the methods remove_if, unique, merge, sort. I think it should be 
enough to define these members as a pointer to a function to leave 
ListTestCase non-template. ListTestCaseData<T> contains the functors 
pred_, bpred_, comp_ to be passed to the methods mentioned above. These 
functors use the pointer corresponding to the function from ListTestCase.

   4. ListStateT currently cannot be used in tests modifying the list 
object. I think ListStateT::assert_equal should have an additional 
argument of type ListTestCaseData to detect which iterators and 
references should be changed by the test to not compare them.


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