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From "Anton Pevtsov" <>
Subject test for lib.string.cons
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 15:18:58 GMT
Here is the ported test for lib.string.cons and required differences to
the 21.strings.h/cpp files (with changes required for

The change log:
2006-05-10  Anton Pevtsov <>

	* 21.strings.h (SignatureId): Added element for (size_type)
	(MemberId): Added new elements for at, operator [], ctor and
	(OverloadId): Added new enum elements for at, operator [], ctor
	operator= overloads.
	* 21.strings.cpp (_rw_setvars): Added support for at, operator
[], ctor 
	and operator= overloads.
	(run_test): Modified according changes in SignatureId.
	* 21.string.cons.cpp: Ported to use simplified test format.

If the test structure is ok, I'll extend the test cases using char@count

Here is a question about the ctor exception safety test. Are they needed
when the default allocator is used?
I think that we may test all possible exception safety issues using the
custom allocator.

Anton Pevtsov

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