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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: test for lib.string.swap
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 03:25:51 GMT
Anton Pevtsov wrote:
> Martin, I added several test cases to verify the swap with temporary
> string and committed the test:

Great, thanks!

> I plan to enhance the test to exercise the function with unequal
> allocators.

Okay. I've done some work on the user-defined allocator support
but I'm not there yet. I would like to simplify the checking of
the allocator (and traits) member function calls (as well as
the throwing of exceptions) and avoid the conditional logic in
all the tests but I need to think about it some more.

Btw., I changed UserAlloc to invoke the operator_new() helper
function instead of (the replaceable) operator new() so that
we can unconditionally (i.e., on all platforms) take advantage
of the memory leak detection and exception throwing features.
That also still needs a bit of work. I've started modifying
the replace test as a starting point.


PS I noticed that the --no-xxx/--enable-xxx command line options
don't quite control the overloads they should. I haven't looked
into it very closely yet except for adding a missing "-enable-xxx"
string. Are you seeing the same thing on your end?

PPS I realize that there will likely be some overlap or conflicts
between what you've been working on and my today's changes. I hope
they're not too difficult to resolve.

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