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From Nicole Willson <>
Subject RE: Any ideas on these StdLib build errors?
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 22:25:37 GMT
I'm not sure what I did before, but I set the cleanup to all but ch13n
 and I no longer get any of those errors.  Now I get:

xlC -F /package/1/ppc64/compilers/ibm/va80/vac.cfg -qarch=ppc64 -q64
-D_RWCONFIG=std64rd -I./../../../include -I./../../.. -I.. -I.
-D_RWBUILD_std -qpic -qrtti -g -qsuppress=1540-0152:1540-2908:1500-029
-qnotempinc  -c ../wcodecvt.cpp  
xlC: 1501-230 Internal compiler error; please contact your Service
make: *** [wcodecvt.o] Error 41

Nicole Willson
Consulting Engineer
Rogue Wave Software, Inc.
A Division of Quovadx

-----Original Message-----
From: Martin Sebor [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 3:04 PM
Subject: Re: Any ideas on these StdLib build errors?

Nicole Willson wrote:
> I'm having this same issue on SLES9sp2 with Visual Age 8.  However,
> explicitly defining _RWSTD_NO_IMPLICIT_INCLUSION does not change anything.

The macro should be defined out of the box as a result of compiling
with -qnotempinc. I wonder why you are using the option, though.
The recommended option is -qtemplateregistry.

The (I)nformational diagnostics below look similar to this VAC++ bug:
VAC++ 7.0 bogus warning 1540-2910 on undefined member and explicit

> Here are my errors:
> xlC -F /package/1/ppc64/compilers/ibm/va80/vac.cfg -qarch=ppc64 -q64
> -D_RWCONFIG=std64rd -I./../../../include -I./../../.. -I.. -I.
> -D_RWBUILD_std -qpic -qrtti -g -qsuppress=1540-0152:1540-2908:1500-029
> -qnotempinc   -c ../ti_messages.cpp  
> "./../../../include/string", line 157.5: 1540-2910 (I) The template
> "std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char>
>>::basic_string(const char *, unsigned long, const std::allocator<char> &)"
> uses a file organization for tempinc, but tempinc is not being used.
> And
> xlC -F /package/1/ppc64/compilers/ibm/va80/vac.cfg -qarch=ppc64 -q64
> -D_RWCONFIG=std64rd -I./../../../include -I./../../.. -I.. -I.
> -D_RWBUILD_std -qpic -qrtti -g -qsuppress=1540-0152:1540-2908:1500-029
> -qnotempinc   -c ../ti_money_get.cpp  
> "./../../../include/streambuf", line 283.43: 1540-0062 (S) The incomplete
> class "_Traits" must not be used as a qualifier.

The error looks familiar but I don't see anything on 1540-0062 in

> "./../../../include/rw/_ioiter.h", line 137.44: 1540-0700 (I) The previous
> message was produced while processing "class
> std::basic_streambuf<char,std::char_traits<char> >".
> make: *** [ti_money_get.o] Error 1
> What do you mean by "the whole translation unit"?

The output of xlC ... -E.

Btw., since you are using xlC (as opposed to xlCcore) make sure to
avoid linking in the native C++ Standard Library (I assume that's
gcc's libstdc++).


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