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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Test suite build failures on NetBSD 3.0
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 21:10:35 GMT
Greetings all

This is another note in the series I'll be sending regarding problems 
I've found with the the test suite while building/running it on NetBSD 
3.0.  Attached is a (partial) output from the make process building the 
different programs in the test suite.  It is comprised solely of the 
sections that failed to build, spliced together.  The source files that 
failed to build were, 21.cwchar.cpp, 
21.cwctype.cpp, 22.locale.num.put.cpp, and 25.equal.range.cpp.  Of these 
files, I suspect that the problems with and 
22.locale.num.put.cpp were resolved with the r380779 submission, but 
that change wasn't in when I was trying these builds.

--Andrew Black

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