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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Mac OS X and stdcxx was Re: [VOTE] publish stdcxx 4.1.3
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 16:42:31 GMT
On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 09:39:39AM -0700, Martin Sebor wrote:
> It is now :) Let me add it to Jira:
> It looks like Apple decided to get rid of libsupc++ in their gcc 4.
> I just hope they didn't integrate it into libstdc++ -- that would
> prevent programs from linking with third party implementations of
> the C++ Standard Library (such as STDCXX) due ODR violations (i.e.,
> due to both libraries containing their own definitions of the same
> symbols).

How can I help figure out what's going on?

> FWIW, we have only very recently (last week, in fact) tried to build
> on OS X. Andrew has filed a bunch of issues for the problems that he
> has uncovered so far -- see

I saw those - they mostly looked like Mac OS X 10.2 issues - which is a
long dead platform.  =)

> Since several of them are involved and would require us to recertify
> the library on all the platforms where it has passed my goal is to get
> them fixed in 4.1.4. Does that sound reasonable?

Sure.  Let's just note that Mac OS X isn't supported in the release notes.

I will test the release on Solaris when I get a chance and report back.

> >Finally, not a showstopper, but it'd be *really* nice if etc/config/README
> >were moved to the top-level directory.  =)  -- justin
> I agree. Let me add an issue for it:

Excellent.  =)  -- justin

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