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From Liviu Nicoara <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] build process fails in TOPDIR if target (lib, etc.) specified (was Re: makefile patch)
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2005 00:43:12 GMT

I believe this is the patch we want. After we talked I realized that the
  order-only dependency actually is in effect and what we were seeing it
was the correct behaviour. So, I am attaching it here. What it does is
that the deps are depending on the existence on the config.h file (not
its age).


ChangeLog entry:

2005-12-30  Liviu Nicoara  <>

	* GNUMakefile: removed useless rules: all, builddir, added
	  rule lib, added variable INCDIR
	* etc/config/makefile.rules: added order-only dependency
	  on ($INCDIR)/config.h for .d files

Happy New Year!


Martin Sebor wrote:
> Liviu Nicoara wrote:
> [...]
>>Please let me know if you see any more problems with it.
> [...]
>>+	$(MAKE) -C$(INCDIR)
> While this might be the right thing to do(*) I think it will become
> a problem -- reading in and processing the entire GNUmakefile.cfg
> every time make is invoked in either the examples or tests
> subdirectories will be prohibitively expensive on slow systems.
> (*) If we did decide to go this route, we'd need to do the same
> thing for the other dependencies, i.e., the library and, for tests,
> the test driver. That will slow things down even more.
>> # rule to make dependencies for C++ source files
>>-$(DEPENDDIR)/%.d: %.cpp
>>+$(DEPENDDIR)/%.d: %.cpp config
> I would try this instead:
>    $(DEPENDDIR)/%.d: %.cpp | config
> Martin

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