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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Intel C++ command line
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 21:07:10 GMT
When compiling and linking with Intel C++ I see a few command line
options and arguments that we shouldn't be using. Here they are:

   /D "_RWBUILD_std"

This one is a vestige of the Rogue Wave build infrastructure and
shouldn't be used.

   /D "_MBCS"

This one is probably unnecessary (we don't use it internally).
Anton, did you have a specific reason for putting it there?


AFAICS, these are not documented so we shouldn't be using them.

With the exception of user32.lib all system libraries on the link
line can be dropped.

In addition, I see we pass these options to the linker:


Shouldn't we enable incremental linking?


According to the documentation, /TLBID:1 is the default. It should
be safe to avoid specifying this option.


Again, this is the default so we can drop it.


The documentation says we usually don't need to specify this so
I suggest we take it out.


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