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From Anton Pevtsov <>
Subject Re: Re: [Fwd: Solution generartion script for Intel 9.0 compiler]
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 17:01:05 GMT
The attached archive scripts.tar.gz contains the latest scripts version.
The most significant change here is that I added to the build.bat (file
created by the solution generation script) ability to start devenv with
/useenv switch for the icc-9.0 configuration.

This means that devenv (i.e. Visual Studio) will ignore IDE VC++
directories and use directories specified in the PATH, LIB, LIBPATH,
INCLUDE environment variables. The Intel C++ 9.0 compiler installation
sets these variables, so I guess that the solution will build even if
the IDE VC++ directories were not set.

Martin, if the problems will remain with this version even if your
system environment variables are set correctly, try to set IDE VC++
directories from Visual Studio IDE as described below, please.

Go to Tool->Options. The Options dialog should appear. There is a list
with "option folders tree" in the left side of this dialog. There should
be Projects "folder". Click on it, please. The right side of the options
dialog should change and Projects "folder" should expand. Look fo the
VC++ Directories "leaf" in the "option folders tree" under the Projects.
When take a look on the right side of the dialog. There should be a list
with directories and dropdown list named "show directories for: ". And
you should add $(ICInstallDir)Bin,  $(ICInstallDir)Lib,
$(ICInstallDir)Include to the directories list for executables, library
and inculde files correspondingly.

Martin Sebor wrote:
 > Another annoying problem when this happens is that the build actually
 > proceeds with the library even after the configuration fails,
 > generating hundreds of lines of output. It would be more user- friendly
 > for the build to abort when configure fails to generate the
 > config header.

I am not sure that we can control the solution building in this way. As
far as I know when Visual Studio builds a solution it is trying to build
each project in the solution regardless of the build results.

Martin Sebor wrote:

 > Btw., while trying to get this to work I left the log file opened in
 >another terminal window and tried to another build. It crapped out with
 >an error complaining that it cannot write to the log file. Isn't  it
 >annoying how Windows doesn't let you overwrite or remove a file that's
 >open by another process? I wish we could avoid these types of errors --
 >any idea how to make Windows behave more reasonably?

As far as I know it is impossible to recreate a file if it is opened for
writing in another process. I think we may check in the begging that all
log files could be created and stop with error if not. Or we can
generate another log file with name <somelogname>1.log and continue with

Martin Sebor wrote:

 > I see Tools->Options, but no Projects under there. I do see a folder
 > titled Intel(R) C++ in the left pane of the box with three entries in it:
 > line and restarting VisualStudio -- I still get the same error.)

I am almost sure that cause of your problem is in paths to VC (or IC)

Martin Sebor wrote:

 > I don't know yet. I still don't understand what's going on. But of the
 > three options above, 3 sounds the best. That is, unless there is an
 > even easier way (such as getting the Intel C++ integration > to do it
 > for us, in which case 1 would be even better.)

I implemented option 3 : Build the soltuion using the /useenv switch.
("useenv" is devenv command line option).

With best wishes,
Anton Pevtsov.

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