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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: couldn't get email
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 22:59:18 GMT
Martin Sebor wrote:
> Anton Pevtsov wrote:
>> Hi Martin,
> [...]
>> You feedback about the scripts is important to continue with the scripts
>> updating (adding /COPYDLL option, for example). Also I found one strange
>> thing with my last e-mail (it contains the last script version) I've
>> sent to the stdcxx-dev: I cannot find it when I browse the 
>> mailing-list archive sorted by
>> threads. But the mail presents in the archive and you can find it using
>> the sorting by authors or date (the mail was sent on December, 16 at
>> 15-12). 
> I thought you'd sent it to the list but then when I looked I couldn't
> find it either! It didn't occur to me to try to sort by author or date.
> Let me post this to the list and mention it to the Apache infrastructure 
> team.

Never mind, I found it on page 2 (16th post from the bottom of
the list) when sorted by thread.


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