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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: makefile patch
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 00:07:23 GMT
Liviu Nicoara wrote:
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>>Liviu Nicoara wrote:
>>>>>I think we had those at some point in the past. IIRC, I took them out
>>>>>because I thought it was cleaner to have them in the individual (sub)
>>>>>makefiles instead. I.e., the top level makefile shouldn't need to know
>>>>>all the dependencies of each subcomponent. It easy to miss some (such
>>>>>as the dependency of tests on rwtest).
>>I see. Would including the .d files conditionally, only if config.h
>>exists, be a way to solve the problem?
> Not really. It would mean we'd build the library w/o the dependencies.

Yeah, and it would be a hack, too.

It seems the target that generates the .d files should depend on
config.h and cause it to be generated if it doesn't exist. That
way we'd build with the dependencies even the first time through.


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