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From Liviu Nicoara <>
Subject Re: makefile patch
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 23:17:43 GMT
>>I think we had those at some point in the past. IIRC, I took them out
>>because I thought it was cleaner to have them in the individual (sub)
>>makefiles instead. I.e., the top level makefile shouldn't need to know
>>all the dependencies of each subcomponent. It easy to miss some (such
>>as the dependency of tests on rwtest).

Funny thing... I believe the makefiles are too smart. :-)

I believe there is a problem with completely removing the all/lib/etc.
dependencies listed in top level GNUmakefile:

1. invoke make in topdir with target lib (or no target & pick lib as
   first target)
2. lib target invokes make recursively in BUILDDIR w/ target lib
3. target lib has no deps, so invokes make on dir lib where the makefile
   is GNUmakefile.lib
4. GNUmakefile.lib includes *.d files; the rule for building them gets
   invoked before any other target is considered

Step 4 fails because config.h is missing.

If I have the deps listed in the top level GNU makefile then the config
is executed first, followed by the actual target passed to it.

It is possible that any other target we try to build starting from
TOPDIR will fail in a similar way - haven't tried.

So, the long story short, I don't think I can change this flow without
some major makefile reorganization. I believe we should go ahead with
the explicit deps in top level GNUmakefile.


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