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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Solution generartion script for Intel 9.0 compiler]
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 20:36:14 GMT
Anton Pevtsov wrote:
> Hi Martin.
> I have sent the mail below to stdcxx-dev but I am afraid it didn't reach
> the recipient.

That's odd. I would have expected it either to succeed or you to get
an email back explaining why the post bounced.

> I sent it from Mozilla mailer, so I didn't expect
> problems with the attachment but it looks like .zip files are not
> accepted by stdcxx-dev mail server. Is it possible to send .zip archives
> to the stdcxx-dev?

I don't know of any restriction on .zip files or other binaries but
you might want to ask on

> Here is the mail:
> "
> The attached archive contains the upgraded solution generation scripts.
> Try them on your side, please. If they work sucessfully  I'll form the
> patch file (there a lot of changes in scripts and I prefer do this one
> time).

Okay, that's fine.

> Martin Sebor wrote:
>>How do I get it to do the conversion? (I.e., how should I invoke it to
> get it to do that?) I launched it the usual way and all I got was a
> VisualStudio solution. Btw., the solution ended up in a        >
> subdirectory of the directory I specified instead of directly in
> BUILDDIR as before. I assume that's a bug?
> To clarify these questions  I describe how it should work:
> 1. Prerequisites:
> I assume that you have istalled Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, Intel C++
> 9.0 Compiler and Intel C++ plugin for Visual Studio (it allows to
> "share" VC solution between MSVC and Intel).

Yes, I have those.

> Also you should have
> ICProjConvert90 utility which allows to switch between MSVC and Intel
> project trees (it is installed with the plugin). I have this utility in
> my Program Files\Commom Files\Intel\Shared Files\ia32\bin folder.

I added that to my PATH.

> Also it is necessary to add the path to ICProjConvert90 utility to your
> system PATH variable.
> 2. Launch the generate.bat script:

Hmm, I get the error below now, both with msvc-7.1 and icc-9.0 as
the value of CONFIG. The text of the error message isn't helpful
in identifying the name of the file the script cannot find (what
do the two numbers in the parentheses mean?) I'm afraid I'm at
a loss how to fix it (it would be good to improve this and other
similar error messages).

C:\contrib\cygwin\build\sebor\stdcxx>generate /CONFIG:msvc-7.1 
Solution generation script
Checking arguments...
Building directory tree created
Checking consistence...
Creating projects...
6) WshShell.Exec: The system cannot find the file specified.



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