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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: stdcxx question
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 20:47:18 GMT
John Benito wrote:
> Martin,
> The configuration for the EDG on Solaris seems to have some issues in 
> respect to the compiler command line option or maybe I am just trying to 
> build something that does not make good sense (typical tester - try each 
> and every option).  If you try to do a BUILDMODE=shared,threads it 
> passes a -shared flag to eccp, which is not a flag that EDG front-end 
> recognizes.

Yes, AFAIK, there is no way to build a shared library with EDG eccp.
The EDG eccp demo also expects gcc 3.x or better as the back end but
doesn't like the binutils that g++ 3.x normally requires on Solaris.
So in my builds I set up gcc 3/4 without GNU binutils (i.e., rely on
the native system linker). That makes eccp work but doesn't let you
use the underlying g++ to link C++ code. It's kind of a pain, but
what wouldn't I do for strict conformance? ;-)

> BTW, I am working on a Solaris box that is running 5.10.  Am currently 
> seeing quite a few issues with building with EDG, is 5.10 supported?

I have 3.6 on Solaris 9 but I haven't tried it on 10 yet. Let me
give it a try and get back to you. You might be able to get a more
reliable answer straight from EDG (assuming they've tested it there).

> Have not taken the time to look at the diagnostics yet.  Currently 
> trying the command
> make BUILDDIR=/home/benito/stdcxx15d BUILDMODE=debug,threads 
> CONFIG=eccp.config

I would suggest

   make BUILDDIR=/home/benito/stdcxx-11s \
        BUILDTYPE=11s \


> Thanks,
> jb -
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> John Benito wrote:
>>> Martin,
>>> Good, because that is what I did (commented out the MAPFILE).  It 
>>> seems to have built a library, will test it tomorrow.  Thanks for all 
>>> the help!
>> FWIW, if you're planning to test it for conformance you should be
>> aware of the _RWSTD_STRICT_ANSI (or _RWSTD_NO_EXTENSIONS) macros
>> that, when #defined, disable most extensions. While the library
>> should be binary comatible either way you should probably build
>> it with the same setting of the macro as how you plan to test it
>> since it might also disable some extensions in the library sources.
>> In addition, to achieve the the strictest possible conformance I
>> would suggest to use a recent version of EDG eccp (3.x) on Solaris.
>> With it the C library headers (such as <stddef.h> and <cstddef>)
>> do the right thing in terms of introducing the required symbols
>> only in the required namespaces and not polluting them with any
>> others. That said, due to the restriction to just the names
>> required by the C and C++ standards and nothing else the library
>> isn't terribly useful for development in this mode.
>>> Happy Holidays!
>> And happy testing to you! :)
>> Martin

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