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From "Duraid Madina (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Created: (STDCXX-89) bug in
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2005 11:23:32 GMT
bug in

         Key: STDCXX-89
     Project: STDCXX
        Type: Bug
  Components: 25. Algorithms  
    Versions: 4.1.3    
 Environment: HP-UX 11.23, aCC: HP aC++/ANSI C B3910B A.06.06 [Nov 7 2005]
    Reporter: Duraid Madina

On both the released ("incubating") and current subversion trunk versions of stdcxx, I trip
across the following - I think it is your bug: 

"/home/duraid/stdcxx/include/", line 1180: error #2304: no instance of function
"__rw::__rw_lt<_TypeT>::operator() [with _Type
T=std::iterator_traits<__rw::__rw_debug_iter<std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue
*>>, std::vector<llvm::Glob
alValue *, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue *>>::pointer, std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue
*, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue *>>::pointer>>
::value_type]" matches the argument list
            argument types are: (std::iterator_traits<__rw::__rw_debug_iter<std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue
*, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalVa
lue *>>, std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue *>>::pointer,
std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, std::allocator<l
lvm::GlobalValue *>>::pointer>::iterator_type>::value_type, const llvm::GlobalValue
            object type is: __rw::__rw_lt<std::iterator_traits<__rw::__rw_debug_iter<std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue
*, std::allocator<llvm:
:GlobalValue *>>, std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue
*>>::pointer, std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, std::al
locator<llvm::GlobalValue *>>::pointer>>::value_type>
          if (__comp (*__middle, __val)) {
          detected during instantiation of "_RandomAccessIter std::__lower_bound(_RandomAccessIter,
_RandomAccessIter, const _TypeT &, _Co
mpare, _Dist *, std::random_access_iterator_tag) [with _RandomAccessIter=__rw::__rw_debug_iter<std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue
*, std::alloc
ator<llvm::GlobalValue *>>, std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue
*>>::pointer, std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue 
*, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue *>>::pointer>, _TypeT=const llvm::GlobalValue
*, _Compare=__rw::__rw_lt<std::iterator_traits<__rw::__r
w_debug_iter<std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue *>>,
std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, std::allocator<llvm::
GlobalValue *>>::pointer, std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue
*>>::pointer>>::value_type>, _Dist=std::iterat
or_traits<__rw::__rw_debug_iter<std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue
*>>, std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *, st
d::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue *>>::pointer, std::vector<llvm::GlobalValue *,
std::allocator<llvm::GlobalValue *>>::pointer>>::difference_

Please see if you want to try and reproduce
this. There, you will find the following files:

DataStructure.cpp: the code I'm trying to build (it is a part of LLVM,

Note: the problem is the const keyword on line 694 (const GlobalValue *V = Src[0]; ) - removing
that keyword allows the file to be compiled, but I think the const keyword should be legal

algorithmcc_bug.i: (preprocessed source: you should be able to compile this with aCC as follows:

+W655 +W684 +W818 +W819 +W849 +W2193 +W2236 +W2261 +W2401 +W2487 +O2  -c algorithmcc_bug.i

compile_log: what I see when trying to compile DataStructure.cpp with the const keyword present
(grep for the error #2304)

If you would like an account on the machine where I see this, just let me know!

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