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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: stdcxx
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 18:41:54 GMT
Alessio Marchetti wrote:
> Martin,
> I've been subscribed to the dev mailing list for quite a few weeks now 
> and were thinking about joining the development in my spare time and on 
> my home PC which runs Debian 3.1.
> I was thinking to start considering stdcxx-12 (and also -3 and -4 but 
> they are already assigned to you...).


stdcxx-3 and -4 are both assigned to me because I've been working
on the driver and I also have the test suite. I should be able to
wrap up the initial version of the driver by the end of next week
but then I can definitely use some help with the test suite.

Once the driver and a test or two to go with it rechecked in, let's
talk about how you can help me port the remaining tests to it. It will
involve some fairly mechanical changes to the tests as well as probably
some tweaks to the driver based on our experience with it.

> Which is the original format of the documentation?

The documentation is in plain HTML (see

All that stdcxx-12 needs is for a committer (such as myself) to publish
it on the Apache Web site along with the project Web page
( The stdcxx Web page is in SVN
( and so are
the docs, but the docs don't get published because they are not in
the expected location. I could just duplicate the docs/ directory
under the site/ directory but that doesn't sound like the right
solution. I guess what I could use help with is figuring out how to
publish the docs w/o duplicating them in SVN. (It's possible that
the right solution is to move them in SVN, but it wouldn't be my

I would also like to spruce up the look and feel of the docs to make
them feel like they're part of an Apache project rather than just
plain pages (i.e., have the Apache Incubator logo at top, the search
button, etc.) If this is something you would be interested in, please
go ahead and create a task in Jira for it and start hacking away. You
might be able to take some inspiration from the stdcxx project page
and its style sheets (which, incidentally, could stand to use some
cleanup as well).


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