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From "Alex Ostapenko" <>
Subject Re: svn co
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 11:16:46 GMT
Hello, Lance!
You wrote to "'Martin Sebor'" <> on Sun, 28 Aug 2005 
17:05:56 -0400:

LD>I'll let you know how the Cygwin client turns out, its still downloading.
LD>I'll still have to work around the case issues. (The solution I did come
LD>up with is to do a svn list, copy the files names, exclude the problem 
LD>and then do svn cp on each file. Subversion doesn't like this, and
LD>doing each directory by hand ( no recursion,) and everything stays
LD>Subversion solves the issue by asserting that they are a case

There is much easier way to get files. Just remember that SVN supports 
WebDAV protocol and use any WebDAV client to get files. For example, IE 
(File->Open, Open Open as web folder checked) could be used here. It will 
rename two problematic files to something like filename~2.ext.

With best wishes,
Alex Ostapenko.

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