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From Amit Jindal <>
Subject Question about stdcxx development snapshots
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 23:24:10 GMT

I have a question about providing development snapshot of source code to
stdcxx users.

What we would like to do is, make a snapshot of the initially contributed
stdcxx sources (revision 219596) available for download. (No documentation
in this tarball). Going forward, we would also like to make snapshots
available on a semi-regular basis (say once a month, depending on how active
the project will be).

This is to increase interest in the project for users who do not want to
pull code from SVN and just want to give stdcxx a test drive.

However according to incubation guidelines:
We may not do releases without permission (and review).

Will such development snapshot be considered a release or are we allowed to
provide this to users of stdcxx project?


Amit Jindal
Rogue Wave Software, A QUOVADX(tm) Division

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