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Subject svn commit: r1070346 - /stdcxx/site/status/2011-02.txt
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2011 00:54:29 GMT
Author: sebor
Date: Mon Feb 14 00:54:28 2011
New Revision: 1070346

2011-02-13  Martin Sebor  <>

	* status/stdcxx-status/2010-11.txt: Board report for February 2011.
        To be copied into

    stdcxx/site/status/2011-02.txt   (with props)

Added: stdcxx/site/status/2011-02.txt
--- stdcxx/site/status/2011-02.txt (added)
+++ stdcxx/site/status/2011-02.txt Mon Feb 14 00:54:28 2011
@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
+Notable changes since previous report (November 2010):
+  Stdcxx continues to be dormant. All but committer have moved on
+  to other projects. The only remaining committer (the VP of the
+  project) is too busy with his day job to make even small changes,
+  or to put out the long-awaited patch release, stdcxx 4.2.2.
+  A number of users and organizations have been using the project
+  and expressed interest in contributing to it. Several submitted
+  patches, others have offered help with the project build and test
+  infrastructure. Unfortunately, since no committer is available to
+  review patches and guide the contributors through the ASF process
+  to enable them to gain commit privileges there seems to be little
+  hope of reviving stdcxx.
+  A possible solution that would allow contributions to resume is
+  to grant commit privileges to the handful of contributors who have
+  already submitted some patches or expressed serious interest in
+  contributing going forward.
+  Another alternative is to move stdcxx to a repository outside of
+  ASF such as SourceForge or similar where interested developers
+  could start committing changes on their own right away, without
+  going through the "training" process. This seems to the preferred
+  solution among at least some of the interested users.
+  Are there any other options?
+Future plans:
+  Unless the issue with contributions can be resolved in the next
+  quarter I suggest to retire the project.

Propchange: stdcxx/site/status/2011-02.txt
    svn:eol-style = native

Propchange: stdcxx/site/status/2011-02.txt
    svn:keywords = Id

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