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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Stdcxx Wiki] Update of "HP aCC" by MartinSebor
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 20:12:46 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by MartinSebor:

The comment on the change is:
Moved from the Compilers page.

New page:
== HP aCC ==

=== Online References ===

 * [ Developer & Solution Partner Program (DSPP)]
 * [ Technical Documentation] (including operating systems
and other software)
 * [ Development Tools Documentation]
 * [ HP aC++ Product Home]
 * [ HP aC++/HP C Online Programmer's Guide]
 * [ HP Code
Advisor Diagnostics]

=== Predefined Macros ===

See the [ Predefined Macros] section
of the [ HP aCC 6 Programmers Guide] for a (possibly)
incomplete list of macros predefined by the compiler.

Starting with HP aCC 6.15, the compiler supports the [
-dM] option to list the #define directives the preprocessor encounters as it translates a

See also the Bjørn Reese's list of [ Pre-defined
Compiler Macros].

||||||||<tablestyle="text-align:center;">HP aCC Predefined Macros||
||<rowstyle="background-color:powderblue;font-weight:bold">MACRO||HP aCC OPTION||VERSION||DESCRIPTION||
||`__EDG__`|| ||6||<style="text-align:left">Defined to 1 in all EDG-based HP aCC compilers.
||`__HP_aCC`|| ||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined to the version of the compiler
in the format `MMmmuu` (2 digits for each of major, minor, and micro).||
+hpxstd98]||3.80||<style="text-align:left">Defined to 1 when the `+hpxstd98` option
is used. ||
||`__hpux`|| ||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined on all HP-UX versions.||
||`__ia64`|| ||5,6||<style="text-align:left">Defined on HP IPF hardware.||
||`__hppa`|| ||1, 3||<style="text-align:left">Defined on PA-RISC hardware.||
||`__unix`|| ||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined on all HP-UX versions.||
||`_BIG_ENDIAN`|| ||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined on Big Endian versions of
HP-UX (both IPF and PA-RISC).||
||`_ILP32`||[ +DD32]||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined
when +DD32 is in effect.||
||`_LP64`, `__LP64__`||[ +DD64]||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined
when +DD64 is in effect.||
||`__HPACC_NOEH`||[ +noeh]||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined
when exceptions are disabled.||
||`_HPUX_SOURCE`, `__STDC_EXT__`||[ -ext]||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined
when extensions are enabled.||
||`_FPWIDETYPES`||[ -fpwidetypes]||
||<style="text-align:left">Defined when extended and quad floating-point data types
including `__float80` are enabled.||
||`_REENTRANT`||[ -mt]||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined
when compiling for thread safety.||
||`_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199506L`||[ -mt]||all|| ||
||`_HPUX_SOURCE`||[ -mt]||all || ||
||`_THREAD_SAFE`||[ -AP] [
-mt]||all|| ||
||`_HP_NAMESPACE_STD`||[ -AA]|| ||<style="text-align:left">Defined
when the C++ Standard Library is declared in `namespace std`.||
||`_FLT_EVAL_METHOD`||[ -fpeval]||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined
according to the argument of the `-fpeval` option.||
||`_Math_errhandling `|| ||all||<style="text-align:left">Always defined to `MATH_ERREXCEPT`.||

=== Discussion Forums ===

 * [
CXX-DEV] mailing list.

=== Bug Reports ===

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