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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Stdcxx Wiki] Update of "Compilers" by MartinSebor
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 03:27:17 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by MartinSebor:

The comment on the change is:
Added a couple of HP aCC macros.

  ||||||||<tablestyle="text-align:center;">HP aCC Predefined Macros||
  ||<rowstyle="background-color:powderblue;font-weight:bold">MACRO||HP aCC OPTION||VERSION||DESCRIPTION||
+ ||`__EDG__`|| ||6||<style="text-align:left">Defined to 1 in all EDG-based HP aCC compilers.
  ||`__HP_aCC`|| ||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined to the version of the compiler
in the format `MMmmuu` (2 digits for each of major, minor, and micro).||
+ ||`__hpxstd98`||['s%20Guide/options.htm#opt+hpxstd98
+hpxstd98]||3.80||<style="text-align:left">Defined to 1 when the `+hpxstd98` option
is used. ||
  ||`__hpux`|| ||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined on all HP-UX versions.||
- ||`__ia64`|| ||5, 6||<style="text-align:left">Defined on HP IPF hardware.||
+ ||`__ia64`|| ||5,6||<style="text-align:left">Defined on HP IPF hardware.||
  ||`__hppa`|| ||1, 3||<style="text-align:left">Defined on PA-RISC hardware.||
  ||`__unix`|| ||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined on all HP-UX versions.||
  ||`_BIG_ENDIAN`|| ||all||<style="text-align:left">Defined on Big Endian versions of
HP-UX (both IPF and PA-RISC).||

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