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Subject svn commit: r369923 - /incubator/stdcxx/site/status/2005-12.text
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 21:29:37 GMT
Author: sebor
Date: Tue Jan 17 13:29:34 2006
New Revision: 369923

2006-01-17  Martin Sebor  <>

	* 2005-12.text: New status report for the calendar quarter
	ending in 12/2005. Also posted here:

    incubator/stdcxx/site/status/2005-12.text   (with props)

Added: incubator/stdcxx/site/status/2005-12.text
--- incubator/stdcxx/site/status/2005-12.text (added)
+++ incubator/stdcxx/site/status/2005-12.text Tue Jan 17 13:29:34 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,42 @@
+Stdcxx status report for the calendar quarter ending in 12/2005:
+This is the second quarterly report for stdcxx.
+The stdcxx  community has spent  the last three months  working toward
+version  4.1.3 of  the project.   The major  accomplishments  thus far
+include  the  completion of  the  test  suite  driver (STDCXX-4),  the
+migration of  a large number  (but not all)  of stdcxx tests  from the
+Rogue C++  Standard Library test suite  to this driver and  to the ASF
+Subversion  repository  (STDCXX-4),  and  the creation  of  a  Windows
+configuration and build infrastructure (STDCXX-5, STDCXX-13). 
+The  successful  completion of  these  objectives  marks an  important
+milestone  for the  stdcxx project.   To facilitate  the  migration of
+existing users of  the Rogue Wave C++ Standard  Library to stdcxx, the
+stdcxx  community is  currently in  the process  of  releasing version
+4.1.3 of  the project.   This release has  been scheduled  to coincide
+with the release of the Rogue Wave C++ Standard Library 4.1.3 on which
+stdcxx  is based.   A vote  to release  stdcxx 4.1.3  is under  way on
+In other  news, the stdcxx PPMC  recently voted to extend  an offer of
+committership to  Anton Pevtsov.  Anton  is the author of  the Windows
+build infrastructure and his help with porting the test suite over the
+last few months  has been essential.  In addition,  in preparation for
+graduation and  the forming of a  PMC, the stdcxx PPMC  has started to
+discuss  expanding its  membership  from the  current  5 (including  3
+mentors) to involve other active committers.
+Going  forward,  the  most  important  goals  of  the  growing  stdcxx
+community continue to be to increase the visibility of the project and
+further  increase  the number  as  well  as  diversity of  its  users,
+contributors, and  committers, finish  porting the stdcxx  test suite,
+and implement  a complete test  harness for the project  to facilitate
+automated nightly  testing.  Other goals include expanding  the set of
+platforms  to  Apple Darwin  and  other  BSD-based operating  systems,
+enhancing support for the C++ Standard Library extensions described in
+the (Draft) Technical Report on C++ Library Extensions.
+Martin Sebor

Propchange: incubator/stdcxx/site/status/2005-12.text
    svn:keywords = Id

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