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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Missing Stanbol Board Report - any PMC Member can file
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2018 18:01:33 GMT
Dear Apache Stanbol PMC (and community),

The board report for Stanbol has not yet been submitted for this month's
board meeting on Wednesday. If you or another member of the PMC are
unable to get it in by twenty-four hours before meeting time, please let
the board know, and plan to report next month.

I see that elsewhere on dev@ people are discussing the activity level in
the project (and a couple of people are still interested, yay!).  From
the ASF board's point of view, what is most important is ensuring that
there are at least three PMC members who are active enough that they
could respond to security or other serious issues.

That is, a mostly-dormant project is fine (because features are done, or
because people don't currently have time to build new ones), but the
board still needs to know there are PMC members watching over the
project, and providing quarterly reports.

Any PMC member can submit a report for the project if the Chair is not
available this week.  The board would also appreciate seeing if there
are three PMC members who could reply to this email, so we know the PMC
still has sufficient attention here to provide oversight.


- Shane
  Director & Member
  The Apache Software Foundation
(on behalf of the ASF Board)

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