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From Rupert Westenthaler <>
Subject Re: [GSoC] [Update] FOAF Co-reference based Entity Disambiguation in Stanbol
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2013 11:14:10 GMT
Hi Andreas

On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 1:28 PM, Andreas Kuckartz <> wrote:
> Dileepa Jayakody:
>> I have successfully implemented and tested the foaf disambiguation engine
>> with the help of Stanbol community including Rupert, Rafa and Andreas.
> +1 and thanks to Rupert and Rafa from here as well !

>From my viewpoint working with Dileepa and Antonio was very rewarding.
Thanks for all the hard work both of them put into their GSoC

>> Please have a look at the disambiguation-foaf engine, try it out and give
>> your comments for improvements. I appreciate your advice very much.
>> I shall also create a Stanbol Jira with all details and attach the
>> source-code and built bundle after finalizing the project.

I had a look at the source. IMO using the 'connectnes' of an entity
with suggested one is something that should work well for any schema
and is not just limited to FOAF. In addition doing so should be
relatively cheap (in comparison to calculating shortest paths as dome
by the engine implemented by Antonio). In addition it can also work
for entities originating from different vocabularies (if they refer
some common resources) and does not require users to build up special
index structures (as it can directly work on the relations in the

To give a concrete example I could image to use such an engine to
disambiguate persons with the same name but related to different
companies as define within an CRM management system of a company.

> What do others think regarding inclusion of Dileepa's engine in Apache
> Stanbol ?

Thats the goal. For that Dileepa you will need to attach the source of
your engine as attachment to STANBOL-1161. After that I can add your
code to the Stanbol SVN (most likely to a branch where we can make
further adaptions before including it to the trunk).

Also note that there is also the freebase disambiguation engine from
Antonio (STANBOL-1157) and I also noticed that both the foaf and the
freebase disambiguation engine do share some code with the
disambiguation-mlt engine. So maybe it would be the best to create a
branch with all this disambiguation engines and try to extract some
cross cutting functionalities to a common module. First candidates of
such functionalities would be a Java API for representing
disambiguation relevant data extracted from present
fise:TextAnnotation and their suggestions (fise:EntityAnnotation) or a
API for defining disambiguation contexts (such as sliding windows).


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