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From Andrew Karode <>
Subject upload content with external metadata
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2013 18:33:18 GMT

I have a basic stanbol instance that we're trying to use, and I'm having 
a lot of trouble uploading documents to the contenthub with a set of 
external metadata (title, subject, authors, citation information, 
etc...). I have the metadata in CSV / convertable to things like RDF, 
but I'm not sure what the process is for getting stanbol to recognize 
this content.

Does stanbol handle this out-of-the-box? I know it can handle a basic 
title (using the html string) but am at a loss for adding multiple 
fields like this. The 5-minute documentation gives the following note:
"While submitting the document, it is also possible to specify external 
metadata (in addition to the enhancements retrieved from Enhancer) as 
field:value pairs along with the document." but doesn't really offer any 
suggestions on how to specify those pairs outside of the basic web form 
(which only allows for two pairs as far as I can currently see, Title 
and Chain).

Please note that I'd like to be able to add this data and upload the 
documents to the contenthub (docs in plain text) from the unix command 
line if possible.


~ Drew


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