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From Rupert Westenthaler <>
Subject How to deal with a Solr 4.2.+ dependency not available on maven central
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2013 11:19:47 GMT
Hi all,

While working on STANBOL-1026 I discovered that solr-core (starting
with 4.2.0) has a dependency that is not on maven central. AFAIK this
is not allowed by the rules as Maven Central whats to be self
consistent or is it OK to use additional maven repositories?

Here are some details:

First the maven dependency:tree for solr-core:4.2.1

  +- org.apache.lucene:lucene-analyzers-kuromoji:jar:4.2.1:compile
  +- org.apache.lucene:lucene-analyzers-morfologik:jar:4.2.1:compile
  |  \- org.carrot2:morfologik-polish:jar:1.5.5:compile
  |     \- org.carrot2:morfologik-stemming:jar:1.5.5:compile
  |        \- org.carrot2:morfologik-fsa:jar:1.5.5:compile
  +- org.restlet.jee:org.restlet:jar:2.1.1:compile
  \- org.restlet.jee:org.restlet.ext.servlet:jar:2.1.1:compile

Note that "org.restlet.jee:org.restlet" and
"org.restlet.jee:org.restlet.ext.servlet" seam not to be on maven

put managed on an own maven server (see

This dependency was introduced by SOLR-4503. The issue with the
availability on Maven Central is explicitly mentioned in

So if it is OK to add "" as additional maven
repository I will just do that for the "commons/solr/core" pom.xml
file and finish my work on STANBOL-1026. Otherwise we will need to
delay the upgrade and file an issue for Solr.


| Rupert Westenthaler   
| Bodenlehenstra├če 11                             ++43-699-11108907
| A-5500 Bischofshofen

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