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From Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese <>
Subject Re: Rules Endpoint: Persistent rules, recipes & SPARQL CONSTRUCT
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2012 12:36:23 GMT
Hi Adrian,

the last version of the rules module does suppurt strings for recipes' names instead of qualified
Let me know if it works for you.


On Oct 25, 2012, at 7:13 PM, Adrian Gschwend wrote:

> On 02.10.12 17:54, Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese wrote:
> Hi Andrea,
> Sorry for the late reply, we have a lot of Stanbol based work in our FP7
> project right now so I'm lagging behind.
>> In order to make your request working right now you should do the following
>>  $> curl -X PUT -d description="A test recipe."
>> http://localhost:8080/rules/recipe/
> Thanks, this works now. That explains why it didn't work as written in
> the documentation/samples. Current code still seems to have the problem
> right? (I run trunk here)
>> 2. to add rules to a recipe. The previous step creates an empty recipe
>> to which you can add rules. If you write multiple rules into a file you
>> can add multiple rules via a single request. 
> works as well now!
>> You can test that the rules have been added to recipe with the following
>> request:
> looks good as well
>> 3. to apply refactoring. You should use the service /refactor instead
>> of /refactor/apply. The latter needs that both the RDF and the recipe
>> have to be provided as input streams, while the former needs the
>> recipe internally stored in the rule store
>> (what we did with previous steps). So you can do the following:
> thanks seems to work as well!
> I did everything via curl now, will try to finish my Node.js "module"
> which does the work automated!
> @John: Will give you feedback on that ASAP!
> cu
> Adrian

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