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From Alessandro Adamou <>
Subject Re: RAT check for ontologymanager, rules, reasoners
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2012 11:06:22 GMT
Hi Fabian, I'll be off from now till Sunday, so I can check for the 
Ontologymanager RAT on Monday.



On 11/8/12 10:00 AM, Fabian Christ wrote:
> Hi,
> in order to do releases of all the great stuff that was developed the last
> months, we have to ensure that the licenses are all checked. As you know,
> we use the RAT tool for this.
> I would like to ask the authors of the OntologyManager, Rules and Reasoners
> components to check that
> mvn clean install -Prat
> runs fine for these components. I had a quick look and all components need
> some adjustments in the
> src/license/
> files of some artifacts. This files lists the licenses of used third party
> dependencies. Perhaps some license headers are missing, too.
> I just do not have enough time to check this for all components. So IMO it
> would be best if the authors of the components help on this. Otherwise, we
> can not release them.

M.Sc. Alessandro Adamou

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Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab)
Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology (ISTC)
National Research Council (CNR)
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"I will give you everything, just don't demand anything."
(Ettore Petrolini, 1917)

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