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From Olivier Grisel <>
Subject Re: CV Mining Which CMS
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 14:28:17 GMT
2012/3/2 Luca Dini <>:
> Hi Andreas,
> that's a good question. So far we have been using no CMS. Just a SOLR based
> application with faceting in the style of ajax-solr or vuFind. Now we would
> like to shift to a CMS to allow real CV management and not Just uploading
> and searching. So the basic element for the choice are:
> 1) Faceted Search
> ===============
> We noticed that users of this kind of application become rapidly confident
> in this kind of search modality. However it looks like neither Alfresco nor
> Nuxeo have something comparable. Nuxeo has a kind of faceted navigation
> implementation, but it is not really that, in the sense that it provides for
> each field all facets to be selectable, irrespective of the fact that it
> returns documents or not. Moreover it does not provide the number of
> documents which would be returned by selecting a certain facet.

Yes, we could not integrate with Solr up until recently because it
would have been impossible to implement ACL inheritence efficiently in
a scalable way. However there is a new JoinQueryParserPlugin in Solr
trunk (will be released in 4.0) and we started investigating with solr
integration: this is scheduled for Nuxeo 6.0:[10080]+%3D+solr

> And it does not seems that NEs are integrated in this kind of search.

This is my objective for the end of the IKS year.

Olivier -

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