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From Andrea Ciapetti <>
Subject Re: Etcware early adoption proposal
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 12:10:12 GMT
> was not able to look this up, because the website seems do be down at the
> moment.

*Hi Rupert, the web site is up. Please use * *for
accessing the admin interface of SKOSware (our fault, we should redirect
the user to the admin interface and not simply show the Apache default page
;-). Use the credentials **guest/guest **to login. The service is in beta
test, so please forgive us for any problems found on some specific concepts
or thesaurus.*
*Under the scenes, the PHP frontend access the REST interface (try for
example *
 *or * *for some
significative examples).*
*Some technical details, if you're interested: REST interface is
implemented with RestEasy platform (*, *it's
an interesting alternative to Jersey in my opinion) on JBoss 6. RDF
repository used for storing triples is Allegrograph (*, *free edition flavour).*

> nice use case. Do you also plan to use extracted enhancements as
> suggestions to extend the thesaurus managed by your tool? I am personally
> interested in the feasibility of such use cases.
*Yes, exactly. We are thinking to use "Rules" in background for thesaurus
enrichment, but we are open for suggestions.*

> >   1. Thesauri selected from SKOSware are imported into Stanbol to create
> a
> >   base custom knowledge domain.
> Currently this is only possible by using the Entityhub Indexing tool. This
> is OK for one-time imports and sporadic updates, but it might not be
> sufficient for your use case. So if you have additional requirements we
> might need to add some new functionality.

*We have already imported the Garante SKOS thesaurus with the Generic RDF
indexer and the concepts are shown nicely from the enhancement engines,
too. Are we doing something wrong?*

> You might also want to have a look at EnhancementChains. This would allow
> you to configure multiple enhancement endpoints that use a different set of
> Thesauri. The documentation of the Stanbol Enhancer [1] provides more
> information on that
> [1]

*Thanks a lot for the suggestion. We are going to study in depth this

> The Stanbol Contenthub allows to build Semantic Indexes based on
> Enhancement Results. This components basically allows you to configure you
> own SemanticIndex layout (by using LDPath[2]). Queries to the managed
> semantic index directly use Apache Solr [3].
> Note that we do plan to provide considerable improvements to this
> components in the coming months [4].
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

*We have tried LDPath and it seems already very powerful  for our simple
needs. We plan to continue to rebuild the SVN trunk periodically to insert
the new updates. Thks.*

> >   5. As the end-user views portal contents, terms similar to SKOS
> concepts
> >   (skos:prefLabel or skos:altLabel are used for entity highlighting) are
> >   automatically decorated and their description is shown on some
> specific GUI
> >   event (like mouseover).
> You might be interested in nano "annotate.js" [5]. Try the demo at [6]
> [5]
> [6]

*Thanks again for all your useful suggestions. We will give a try to
annotate.js soon. It seems very cool!*
*Do you think that we can use it also in page presentation or is it
specific for rich html editors?*


>   6. Inference rules and semantic reasoning will be used to complete and
> >   enrich the domain knowledge base, thus suggesting additional concepts
> and
> >   OWL relations.
> Stanbol includes support for rules and reasoning. However I am not an
> expert with that.
> Simple reasoning things can be also implemented by using LDPath directly
> on the Entityhub. [...]

*We hope that Alessandro Adamou and David Riccitelli can give us a helpful
hand on this hard task ;-)*
*Anyway probably LDPath is enough for starting.*

> >   7. Optional use of some IKS VIE widgets on the frontend presentation
> >   layer.
> Ok you are already aware of VIE ^^
> best
> Rupert
> *
*Best regards and thank you again.*
*    -Andrea*

Andrea Ciapetti
Etcware srl


Mobile: +39 320 6197534

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