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From Rupert Westenthaler <>
Subject Re: Add refactor engine in enhancer/bundlelist
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 23:20:26 GMT
Hi Alberto

I spent some time to look into "Build failed in Jenkins: stanbol-trunk-1.6 #772"

The most interesting file is the error.log file of the Stanbol
instance used for the integration test.

For the first view calls to the enhancer everything looks fine (~5sec
for the Refactor engine).

But later - after time code "01.03.2012 19:49:21.04" (use this to
search in the file) something starts to went wrong with Jena TDB.

[Thread-36] >> seo_refactoring  and
[Thread-12] >> looks like a Jena TDB demon

are the only active one (looks a little like a deadlock).

You can safely ignore the [DataFileTrackingDaemon] this checks only
every 5sec for Resources of the DataFIleProvider.

I have really no idea what is going on here. Maybe you can make more
sense of this


On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 3:30 PM, Alberto Musetti <> wrote:
> Hi Rupert, all
> Il giorno 29/feb/2012, alle ore 19:14, Rupert Westenthaler ha scritto:
>> Hi Alberto
>> On 29.02.2012, at 18:48, Alberto Musetti wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I would like to add the refactor engine in enhancer/bundlelist.
>>> It will be activated in the launcher full and full-war,
>>> but not in stable because there isn't rules and ontonet.
>>> May I add the refactor engine?
>> I think the full launcher should include all engines that are managed by the Stanbol
Community. So in principle a +1 from my side.
>> Can I ask two questions:
>> (1) What would that mean for the memory footprint. I usually run Stanbol with -Xmx512m.
 Would that still work with the refactor engine?
> Yes, it would still work.
> Concerning performance and memory usage we are adding full support to Clerezza
> in the Refactor with spending effort and memory in graph tansformations.
>> (2) Would the engine be active by default? Do you plan to ship the full launcher
with a default configuration or would a user need to manually configure an instance?
> There is a default configuration running  at bundle start-up,
> i.e., the refactoring for the SEO demo.
> Best,
> Alberto
>> best
>> Rupert

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| Bodenlehenstraße 11                             ++43-699-11108907
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