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Subject Re: Stanbol Default Configuration (was: Stanbol on Karaf?)
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2012 14:13:29 GMT
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Let me add even another piece of support: such default config modules would be the perfect
place to in-line document some of the bits and pieces of configuration, such as "blessed"
directories, URL segments, etc. While the OSGi config and supporting Felix Web console gear
is really wonderful, some people will always be more comfortable reading through properties
files and the like, and having them brought out clearly can make for easier automated installation.

- ---
A. Soroka
Software & Systems Engineering :: Online Library Environment
the University of Virginia Library

On Mar 7, 2012, at 2:49 AM, Rupert Westenthaler wrote:

> Hi all,
> Note this question from A. Soroka:
> On 06.03.2012, at 23:07, wrote:
>> Some questions I feel emboldened to ask: would it perhaps be better for that "startup
config" to be associated with the EntityHub service itself (and not the launchers), or would
that be too direct a dependence? I can certainly imagine wanting to use a Clerezza Yard instead,
or a remote Solr instance, or some other arrangement, but might it not be better to have everything
the EntityHub service needs come with the bundlelist/feature repository itself?
> Maybe an own "o.a.s.{component}.defaults" module that uses [1] to provide the default
configuration for the {component}. 
> This would have the following advantages against the current solution (adding all the
defaults to the 'resources/config' folder of the launcher)
> * It would allow us to manage the default config within an component (e.g. enhancer,
entityhub, contenthub …).
> * the defaults-module could be added to the bundle list of that component
> * users that do not want to use the default config could just exclude the "o.a.s.{component}.defaults"
bundle and provide their own configuration.
> * uninstalling "o.a.s.{component}.defaults" would cause the default configuration to
be removed.
> * we would no longer need to duplicate the defaults for the different launchers. 
> Rupert
> [1]

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