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From Rupert Westenthaler <>
Subject Stanbol Default Configuration (was: Stanbol on Karaf?)
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2012 07:49:29 GMT
Hi all,

Note this question from A. Soroka:

On 06.03.2012, at 23:07, wrote:

> Some questions I feel emboldened to ask: would it perhaps be better for that "startup
config" to be associated with the EntityHub service itself (and not the launchers), or would
that be too direct a dependence? I can certainly imagine wanting to use a Clerezza Yard instead,
or a remote Solr instance, or some other arrangement, but might it not be better to have everything
the EntityHub service needs come with the bundlelist/feature repository itself?

Maybe an own "o.a.s.{component}.defaults" module that uses [1] to provide the default configuration
for the {component}. 

This would have the following advantages against the current solution (adding all the defaults
to the 'resources/config' folder of the launcher)

* It would allow us to manage the default config within an component (e.g. enhancer, entityhub,
contenthub …).
* the defaults-module could be added to the bundle list of that component
* users that do not want to use the default config could just exclude the "o.a.s.{component}.defaults"
bundle and provide their own configuration.
* uninstalling "o.a.s.{component}.defaults" would cause the default configuration to be removed.
* we would no longer need to duplicate the defaults for the different launchers. 


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