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From Rupert Westenthaler <>
Subject Re: Etcware early adoption proposal
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 14:50:39 GMT

On 02.03.2012, at 13:10, Andrea Ciapetti wrote:

> was not able to look this up, because the website seems do be down at the moment.
> Hi Rupert, the web site is up. Please use for accessing
the admin interface of SKOSware (our fault, we should redirect the user to the admin interface
and not simply show the Apache default page ;-). Use the credentials guest/guest to login.
The service is in beta test, so please forgive us for any problems found on some specific
concepts or thesaurus.

login with guest/guest does not work for me. I will try it again @home maybe it is a problem
with the Company firewall.

> Under the scenes, the PHP frontend access the REST interface (try for example
or for some significative examples).
This link works 

> Some technical details, if you're interested: REST interface is implemented with RestEasy
platform (, it's an interesting alternative to Jersey in my opinion)
on JBoss 6. RDF repository used for storing triples is Allegrograph (,
free edition flavour).

As an Apache project we would rather switch to "" and I think
there was already an discussion about that.
> >   1. Thesauri selected from SKOSware are imported into Stanbol to create a
> >   base custom knowledge domain.
> Currently this is only possible by using the Entityhub Indexing tool. This is OK for
one-time imports and sporadic updates, but it might not be sufficient for your use case. So
if you have additional requirements we might need to add some new functionality.
> We have already imported the Garante SKOS thesaurus with the Generic RDF indexer and
the concepts are shown nicely from the enhancement engines, too. Are we doing something wrong?

No. I was only thinking that it would be nicer if you could update the thesaurus in the Apache
Entityhub after every change made within SKOSware (keep it in sync) rather than using the
bulk import as supported by the  Generic RDF indexer. This would allow use cases where the
user adds a new term to the Thesaurus and can immediately used it with the Stanbol Enhancer.

> Thanks again for all your useful suggestions. We will give a try to annotate.js soon.
It seems very cool!
> Do you think that we can use it also in page presentation or is it specific for rich
html editors?

I am no expert in that topic. I would rather directly ask the VIE community via

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