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From Enrico Daga <>
Subject Re: OWLLink API is now dual-licensed
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2011 08:24:07 GMT
On 29 August 2011 10:02, Andreas Kuckartz <> wrote:
> Am 29.08.2011 08:40, schrieb Enrico Daga:
>> For this sake those components could not be released, because they
>> included code licensed under LGPL, which is forbidden by Apache.
> Not to initiate a discussion about this here, but so far I have not yet
> seen a reasonable explanation why LGPL libraries are not acceptable for
> the ASF. According to they
> would violate this criterion:
> "The license must not place restrictions on the distribution of larger
> works, other than to require that the covered component still complies
> with the conditions of its license."
> I do not see how that would be violated by LGPL libraries.
In the recent months I have browsed some mail archives on apache to
understand this.
It looks like the LGPL license contains some ambiguity about the
concept of derivative work.
At the end my understanding is that a final agreement have not been
found, but the point is that this is still controversial.
For this reason inclusion of LGPL libraries is considered forbidden.

In the case of our project, this implies that:
* OwlLink library must be upgraded to the ASF compatible version,
before releasing it's module,
* HermiT must be removed, because it is LGPL and includes an LGPL
library (jautomata)

In particular for the second, it's a pity, because it looks like there
is no OWL2/DL java reasoner which can be delivered with stanbol.
OWLLink is only a Client for a server (not included), which will
contain HermiT or Pellet, both not releasable within apache

> Cheers,
> Andreas

Enrico Daga

skype: enri-pan

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