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Subject Re: Global vision to adapt Apache Stanbol to a CMS system
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 10:54:08 GMT
Olivier Grisel <> escribió:

> 2011/8/17  <>:
>> Hi again,
>> I've been looking the Dbpedia and DBLP examples, but actually i need to
>> define my own ontology with customised relations (not based in definitions
>> of Dbpedia). I didn't explain my problem very well. I need to extract tags
>> from plain text, yes, but i need to make inferences over my domain
>> (enterprise terms and concepts that are only used in a closed environment).
> What kind of inference? Please give an example of sample input and
> expected output.

Input -> PTS is a component of a product for cleaning mowers.
Inference -> PTS is a product for gardening (i defined this in a  
hierarchical ontology, superclass).

These classes are too specific for Dbpedia (maybe bad example?) and  
you can imagine what difficult would be to government documents (with  
its particular idiosyncrasy).

>> Is there any way to upload my ontology previously defined in Protégé with
>> mimetype rdf+xml? I thought that when i uploaded the owl file to a specific
>> scope in ontonet, i could configure Stanbol to use this ontology.
> What do you mean by "use"?

I want that Stanbol "forgets" another source. I need that, in the  
plain text, Apache Stanbol choose tags only defined in my ontology.


I have a PTS but i don't have garden.



Apache Stanbol don't extract "garden" because it isn't defined like an  
entity (class) in my owl file or my own ontology.

>> I've
>> already created this ontology. If it's not possible, what are the steps i
>> need to follow in Apache Stanbol to define own entities that Natural
>> Language Processing Engine can extract from plain text? And then, when these
>> own entities has been extracted, how can i connect these entities with my
>> relations?
> What do you mean by "connecting entities with relations"?


Maybe_must_buy: Gardener->Component_for_gardening


I have a PTS. Peter is a gardener.


Peter Maybe_must_buy PTS

Sorry for the example :). I expect you understand what i want to say.

Best regards.

> --
> Olivier
> -

Jerónimo Fernández
Yerbabuena Software

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