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Subject Re: Global vision to adapt Apache Stanbol to a CMS system
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 08:20:46 GMT
Olivier Grisel <> escribió:

> 2011/8/16  <>:
>> Hi Stanbol devs,
>> I've been working with Stanbol since two weeks ago. I need some information
>> about how can I define a new ontology about products, users... in Apache
>> Stanbol and how can i extract entities from reasoners to tag automatically a
>> PDF document (i need to avoid tags from another sources, only the entities
>> in my own OWL file).
>> The targets i've reached are the following:
>> 1-. I've put a OWL file containing the ontology in ontonet module with its
>> curl call.
>> 2-. I created scopes and recipes.
>> I don't know how configure the environment to analyze a plain text and use
>> this customised ontology to extract tags. I need some global vision about
>> the problem and if it's possible some examples.
>> If anyone can help me don't hesitate to answer me.
> Hi,
> You most probably don't need the reasoners to process *unstructured
> data* such as natural language text content. Text analysis is achieved
> thanks to Enhancement engines that can rely on the EntityHub to as a
> domain specific knowledge base.
> If the names of your entities are very specific to your domain (not
> ambiguous) then the TaxonomyLinkingEngine coupled with a dedicated
> referenced site in the EntityHub that indexes your knowledge base
> sounds like the right approach.
> To index your knowledge base within the EntityHub you can take example
> on the following examples (for DBpedia and DBLP respectively):
> However I don't have any usage example for configuring the
> TaxonomyLinkingEngine and Rupert who is the original developer of this
> module is off for a couple of weeks AFAIK.
> Note: reasoners are useful to process *structured* data (a.k.a.
> knowledge): converting assertions already expressed in one RDF
> vocabulary (e.g. into another (e.g., checking
> integrity constraints, reifying transitive and reflexive relationships
> prior to indexing...
> --
> Olivier
> -

Thank you, Olivier. I'm going to try this approach. Good job with  
Apache Stanbol, is a great project :).

Jerónimo Fernández
Yerbabuena Software

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