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From Suat Gonul <>
Subject Contenthub structure
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2011 06:53:51 GMT
Hi everbody,

After discussing with Rupert yesterday, we have come up with a basic 
design for the Contenthub component.

It will provide two main RESTful interface to:

1) Upload (register) content and metadata (Available in current 
2) Search for registered content

There would be Indexing Engines for (1) and Search Engines for (2). The 
Contenthub implementation would then implement Indexing Engines to store 
the enhancements in a triple store and Search Engines to search 
enhancements and content items in triple store.

There is also an already started implementation for the search part in 
google code base of IKS project at [1]. It will be integrated to the 
Contenthub component.

What do you think?



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