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From Enrico Daga <>
Subject Re: Do Stanbol have a global SPARQL endpoint?
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 13:56:25 GMT
Hi Fabian,
I add stanbol-dev because I guess you missed to add it to the
recipient in your reply ;)

On 13 March 2011 18:49, Fabian Christ <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just would like to understand this.
> 2011/3/11 Enrico Daga <>:
>> AFAIK, the interface provided at /sparql allows queries for the
>> enhancer graph only at the moment.
>> My point is that we need a SPARQL endpoint compliant web
>> interface/rest to deal with RDF graphs managed by Stanbol in general,
>> because this is the standard way to deal with RDF by remote clients.
> So at the moment you can query Stanbol enhancements by using SPARQL.
> But you can not query other graphs?
> Which other graphs do you mean?
> Would it be possible to make other graphs queryable just by using the
> same mechanism that we use for the enhancement? I guess SPARQL queries
> are supported by Clerezza?
KReS and the Persistencestore both uses the Clerezza TCManager object
to store/retrieve ontologies.
In this context Ontologies are a special kind of RDF graphs, compliant
to the OWL specification. At the moment there is no way to query such
knowledge with SPARQL.
Another use case is related to the KReS reengineering components,
which both can store the output in RDF graphs, which at the moment
cannot be queried/retrieve from Stanbol.
So there is a missing step in Stanbol wrt knowledge access.
Additionally, the kres/rules module can operate on RDF graphs, so
creating new graphs or modifiyng existing ones. This is another case
where we need SPARQL querying capabilities.
I think this is possible by simply setup a JAX-RS class which bind a
Jena SPARQL processor to the TCManager instance.

> Best,
>  - Fabian

Enrico Daga

skype: enri-pan

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