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From Rupert Westenthaler <>
Subject Re: Jenkins build became unstable: stanbol-trunk-1.6 » Apache Stanbol Enhancer Integration Tests #64
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2011 05:23:19 GMT

The reason for that was, that the Entityhub was not initialized
correctly (at least the RESTful services of the ReferencedSiteManager
was not available). However I was not able to reproduce the problem
and also Jenkins is stable again without any changes.

There are loggings, that the ClerezzaYard could not start because of a
missing dependency. This was caused by the code cleanup I performed on
Thursday however this was not the cause because the ClerezzaYard is
not used by the current configuration. I corrected that already and
will commit it later today.

I also validated that the Entityhub initializes correctly without
internet connectivity. There may be problems when the Enhancer calls
the ReferencedSiteEntityTaggingEnhancementEngine for dbPedia because
this Engine is not yet marked with OfflineMode. However in the given
case the initialization of the Entityhub failed therefore this can
also not be the reason.

Is it possible to make the loggings of the sling launcher used for the
integration tests available? I was not able to find it on the web
interface. This would be the only possibility to understand what
happened in that specific case.

Rupert Westenthaler

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 7:37 PM, Apache Hudson Server
<> wrote:
> See <$org.apache.stanbol.enhancer.integration-tests/64/>

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