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From Enrico Daga <>
Subject Refactoring the KReS module
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 14:23:51 GMT
Dear all,
this is to share the discussion about the renaming/splitting of the
KReS module started in STANBOL-39.

The main reason is:
- remove acronyms and give functionality-oriented names
- better modularization, in particular wrt issues with LGPL
dependencies, which could be overcame in parallel.

So this is the proposal:

Project folder (POM)     Bundle

dependencies*             -
                               // This is to share the OWLApi
dependency. This is LGPL so it is isolated for the moment (See
- owlapi                       org.apache.stanbol.dependency.owlapi

ontologymanager            -
                              // This inculdes functionalities to
support OWL ontologies
- ontonet
org.apache.stanbol.ontologymanager.ontonet           // This is the
Ontology Network Manager, which let exploit ontologies as Task
oriented sets
- dataaccess**
org.apache.stanbol.ontologymanager.dataaccess      // This is the
coming Persistencestore component from IKS
- web                           org.apache.stanbol.ontologymanager.web
               // This will host REST services related to
ontologymanagement (from both ontonet and dataaccess)

rules                           -
                                       // This inculdes
functionalities to support rules
- manager                    org.apache.stanbol.rules.manager
                   // Create rules and pack them in recipes
- refactor                      org.apache.stanbol.rules.refactor
                        // Run rules over RDF graphs/files
- web                           org.apache.stanbol.rules.web
                        // All REST services about rules and recipes

reasoners                       -
                                    // This includes functionalities
to support reasoners
- hermit*                       org.apache.stanbol.dependency.hermit
                  // Hermit reasoner (LGPL issue: STANBOL-25)
- owllink*                      org.apache.stanbol.dependency.owllink
                   // Hermit reasoner (LGPL issue: STANBOL-26)
- web                           org.apache.stanbol.reasoners.web
                     // All REST services about  reasoning. This
should also host the reasoning capabilities from the coming
Persistencestore component?

reengineer                      -
                                   // This includes re-engineering
- mysql*                        org.apache.stanbol.dependency.mysql
- xerces*                       org.apache.stanbol.dependency.xerces
- db                            org.apache.stanbol.reengineer.db
                      // Reengineering from DBMS sources to RDF graphs
- xml                           org.apache.stanbol.reengineer.xml
                     // Reengineering from XML sources to RDF graphs
- web                           org.apache.stanbol.reengineer.web
                    // All REST services about reengineering

(*) These are dependencies which should, in a separate step, be
removed as projects and left as package dependencies in each pom.
(**) There is a discussion about this name (store? dataaccess? persistence?)


Enrico Daga

skype: enri-pan

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