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From Fabian Christ <>
Subject Re: Redesigning the Entityhub Configuration
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2011 19:58:21 GMT

I just wondered if we also need a more user friendly UI for
configuring Stanbol. Having the OSGi console is nice for developers
but it is very technical and overloaded with OSGi stuff that you don't
have to understand if you just want to configure the entity hub.

My experience with (default) configuration in software products are these rules:

1) provide defaults that are fine for most use cases
2) provide an easy to use configuration interface
3) configure without requiring a system restart
4) have a strategy for updating configurations with new product versions

Just my 2 cents. IMO Rupert is on the right way here ;)

 - Fabian

2011/3/1 Olivier Grisel <>:
> Hi Rupert and others,
> I agree with your analysis: it is very important to have a standalone
> launcher that is up and running with the following 4 commands:
> svn co stanbol
> cd standol
> mvn install
> java -jar launchers/standalone/target/org.apache.stanbol-*.jar -p 8080
> And then have a sample curl command to demonstrate the lookup by name,
> field, similarity with text context and sparql query (if supported by
> the default configuration).
> In order to package the default data to be included as part of such a
> "standalone" distribution of stanbol, I have already opened a jira
> issue:
> I also created a subtask dedicated to the packaging of the index of
> the entityhub:
> I also fixed the task for a first packaging of the opennlp models:
> This was implemented by adding a new toplevel component:
> org.apache.stanbol.defaultdata:
> As you can see the version number is fixed (not a -SNAPSHOT) to avoid
> downloading the data every time when not necessary. Also, currently
> this project is just a placeholder with a shell script to download the
> data from external websites (the sourceforge server for opennlp models
> for instance). A pre-built maven artifact including the data is
> currently made available through the public maven repository
> at:
> As for the packaging of the default OSGi configuration I do not really
> know. Maybe you should ask on the sling and felix user mailing lists?
> One potential solution would be to make the sling launcher deploy some
> default OSGi config files into the initial sling/config/ folder
> created at the first start of the launcher. I don't know how to do
> that though.
> The sling launcher documentation mentions the Configuration Admin
> Service that manages configuration updates for ManagedService or
> ManagedServiceFactory instances but it does not tell how to provide
> some default configuration files for such services.
> --
> Olivier


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